Investments & Club Deals

Investments & Club Deals

Anonymous London provides debt and equity opportunities and brings together investment partners to access club deal opportunities.




Institutional Investors

Anonymous London has a proven track record of arranging finance with some of the world’s leading banking institutions and has relationships with a number of leading debt and equity funders.

ambT Property Partners - Institutional Investors
ambT Property Partners - Family Office Investors

Family Offices

Through our sister company Fiducia Partners we have strong relationships with a number of family offices seeking private debt for their existing assets. Please contact for more information.

Club Deals | Spreading Risk

Anonymous London is highly experienced in bringing together investment partners with aligned interests and similar investment principles to access the potential of larger property opportunities with more control and less uncertainty. Each of our deals undergoes rigorous due diligence, and has a specific plan of operation.

This includes cash-flow valuation and forecasts, scenario analysis, reviewing financial documents, financial models and outputs, property conditions, environmental reports and tenancy and lease documents.

ambT Property Partners - Club Deals