Investors Club

Membership Application

Become a member of the Anonymous London Investors Club to receive early access to the details of all our new and current investment opportunities.

As a member, you will receive an email notification when each new deal is posted, giving you exclusive access 24 hours before non-members. You will also be able to view commercially sensitive details of our investment opportunities whereas non-members will not. Therefore as part of your membership application we will require you to sign our NCNDA.

General criteria and process for acceptance as a member of the Anonymous London Investors Club:

  1. Completion of a membership application. We’ll ask you some details including what deal types you’re considering, ideal location, budget and deal breakers. Aside from confirming your eligibility for our Investors Club, for some exclusive and specialist deals we always approach investors directly and these questions will help our team to determine if any such deals are relevant to you.
  2. Sign and return our NCNDA.
  3. Application review by the Anonymous London team.
  4. If approved, a copy of the NCNDA will be co-signed and returned to you.
  5. Acceptance confirmation.

With your membership application accepted you will be able to log in and view Anonymous London’s new and current investment opportunities.

Please note that sharing any of the Deal details with non-members will violate your NDA agreement with us.